Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sweet Weekend.

Despite being on a 24 hour call shift yesterday, it has been a pretty sweet weekend. Work is progressing on our bathroom remodel. Plus, much more has been happening over at our house other than the bathroom while we have been living with the in-laws. Since I'm pregnant and all I am banned from my house (by my mom & DH due to possible asbestos in things they are tearing out, possible black mold in the old bathroom, lead paint, new paint fumes, dust, overworking, etc. etc). However, my mom (who has been like the foreman of the job) filled me in on all the progress. So far, the nursery has been painted and all the new crown molding and baseboards for that room have been painted and will likely be put up today. The closet door in my bedroom (which never closed before) has been fixed and now closes! Plus, they installed a closet organizer - sweet! The bathroom (which was completely stripped down to the studs) now has a new tub, new drywall and a sort of new arrangement. Plans for this week are to paint, install tile, new toilet, vanity, sink and cabinets! Yippie. Can't wait to see the finished product.

I also picked out some fabrics for baby quilt #2 after several HOURS literally of internal debate. Order was placed on etsy today so can't wait to get these!

Looked around online for baby bedding and ultimately became very frustrated. Found NOTHING that I like. Decided to instead now focus my attention to finding perfect fabrics and make my own baby bedding. We will see how that goes...

We had our anatomy ultrasound on Friday and we now know what we are having! We are VERY excited...I've got special plans for that announcement but will probably have to wait until we are back in our house to be able to do that. Please continue to keep our babies in your prayers!
Also, Adrienne of Some of A Kind gave me an award! Thanks!! Now I have to give answers to some questions but since this post has already been kinda long I will post about all of that tomorrow!
Have a happy Sunday everyone!

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Adrienne said...

It's the small things like closet doors closing that makes life exciting! ;-)

I cannot wait to hear the genders ...