Friday, July 24, 2009

Can't get enough...

...of my baby loves!

The babies have discovered the sunlight and will stare in amazement every time I sit their seats in the floor of our living room in the afternoon when we get home. They move their toes in and out of the sunlight as they smile and coo. It is so precious. I had to capture the moment.

On the crafting front...I am still working on a knitting project...though I think I am going ot have to rip out half of it! ARGH! Still working on getting our sewing studio/office cleaned up so I can have a little mama time in the evenings after bedtime.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.

[So & I dipping our feet in the pool]

This weekend was great.

It was the best.

I was able to come home a little early so I got to spend some extra time with the babies. Leap and So came over Friday evening for a visit and we had a great time playing with the babies and then sitting outside by the pool eating cheese and drinking cran-grape juice and getting caught up on girl talk. Mom stopped by too and we all had dinner together from a local Japanese restaruant. To top it all off, once the babes were tucked in, DH and I turned in early and ended up getting 9 hours of sleep!

Lazy Saturday morning in the bed playing with the twins. Then Mom came to visit and we went to the mall and out to dinner at Cracker Barrel with the babies so DH could get some work done for work. Good day indeed.

We were early risers today with Baby Boy waking at 5am to nurse. I decided to stay up once he was back to sleep and enjoyed a little alone time before getting ready for church. We attended the early service and the babies fell asleep on the way home. DH & I enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the back porch while they napped. Afterward, the babies happily played in their bouncers and watched mama clean up her office (it's still a work in progress). Auntie Leap, So and Mom stopped by for a visit this afternoon and all of us gals sat around the pool enjoying the 70 degree weather. After the afternoon nap, our little family headed to the grocery store to gather supplies for the upcoming week. After bath & bed time for the babies, DH & I sat down to a yummy dinner (DH made it!) of crab stuffed salmon, green beans and rice.

Now I think I'll go work on my knitting WIP.

I feel refreshed, relaxed and ready for the week ahead.
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Monday, July 13, 2009





Loving all of this playtime with my not-so-tiny-anymore babes!
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

My birthday was this past week...the last one in my 20s! Yikes! So to celebrate the family gathered at my sister's house for a little celebration on the farm. It was a beautiful day (until the very end!) and we all had a wonderful time! My multitalented sister, Leap, (you've seen her photography work here) made my birthday cake complete with fresh picked berries - de-lish-ous!

My sister is all about homesteading. I am very impressed by all of this. It makes me wanna buy a farm. Fresh eggs, fresh picked berries, fresh produce, fresh air - I want it all!
Leap made steak, fresh green beans, potatoes, corn and fresh zucchini and basil bread for dinner. Mmmm.

After dinner, while we were eating cake, it began to rain. I mean it was a DOWNPOUR! The runoff from the hill behind her house flooded the road in front of her house - and I forgot to grab my camera to take a picture of it! It was crazy.

I got the cutest berry colander for my birthday...I'll have to photograph it and share it with you here. I love it.

This weekend was also super productive and relaxing at the same time. Since the babies have started sleeping better and going to bed easier, I have reclaimed some time for myself. Last night, DH and I cleaned up my sewing room so that I can get back in there and tinker around once the babes are asleep at night. We also have cleared out a lot of clutter and we are planning a huge yard sale for the beginning of August. We still have more clutter to clear from the office so that is on our list for the coming week. Tonight, after putting the babes to bed, DH and I had dinner outside by the pool and now I am sitting on the porch catching up on my blogs and blogging. is good.
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Friday, July 10, 2009


Today is my grandfather's 82nd birthday. Amazing. Such a full life he has lived and I hope he is around for many more happy years. My sister (the talented photographer) snapped this picture of my grandfather's hand holding my baby girl's hand. I love it...the gentleness of such an experienced hand lovingly holding a hand of such youth. Breathtaking.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Turn the Page Tuesday

I am finally getting back into the bloggy swing of things. As I was trying to get caught up on one of my favorite blogs Some of a Kind during a break this morning I realized Adrienne is up to something new (at least new to me in my recent live under a rock state, but hey she started this on the day I delivered the twins!)...Turn the Page Tuesdays. Her challenge - read a good book and tell a bit about it the first Tuesday of the month. Well, I'm in luck. Reading is one thing I do have time to do during all of those nursing sessions and I recently read a good one.

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks is a beautifully written story. I read it in 4 days flat only picking it up while I was nursing or pumping. It was all the better because I had no idea what the book was about when I started it (again, I live under a rock). This book fell into my hands because last weekend when I was on call I started talking to the nurses about movies while doing a c-section. I told them up next on my Netfix queue was Nights in Rodanthe (DH fills our queue with movies for me interspersed with movies for him). Of course, all the ladies were telling me how much I was going to love the movie. "But the book is so much better," one of the girls said. THE BOOK??? This movie was made based on a book?!? (see, told under a rock lately). So the next day, one of the nurses brought me the book and I of course have had the DVD sitting on the coffee table still. It is one of my rules...if there is a movie based on a book I must read the book first. So I did. And it was fantastic.

The book is centered around a woman named Adrienne and her story of a weekend spent in Rodanthe, NC watching a bed and breakfast owned by a friend. 3 years divorced it is here that she meets the true love of her life Paul who is also recently divorced. The story tells of their getting to know one another over the course of days and then continuing their romance through letters over a year. The book is somewhat predictable and very Nicholas Sparks-y but still a good read.

I'll let you know what I think about the movie once I get a chance to watch it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm still here.

[a summer favorite - eating fresh cherries and sitting by the pool]

I know I have been absent a lot lately.

I hope you can understand.

Of course, you might want to consider yourselves blessed since if I had been posting about my daily happenings they would be pretty coma-inducing. Up until the last week or so my posts would have gone a little something like this:

I wake. Get ready for work. #1 Wakes. Diaper #1. Feed #1. #2 Wakes. Diaper #2. Feed #2. Diaper #1, again. Dress both #1&2. Wake husband. Huband gets ready for work while #1&2 watch Baby Einstein. Wrangle #1&2 into car seats for drive to Omi & Opi's for the day. Go to work. Work. Work. Work. Pick up #1&2 from grandparents. Drive home. Diaper & feed #1&2. Playtime. Diaper #2. Diaper #1. Diaper #2, again. More playtime. Bathtime. Massage time. Diaper & feed #1&2. Put #1&2 in cribs. Sigh. Chores time. Collapse into bed time. #2 wakes for 3am feeding. #1 wakes for 4:30am feeding. Repeat.

Since I have returned to work our house is a bustle of activity from the time we wake up until our heads hit the pillow. Little Mister and Little Miss are growing so fast and I am trying not to miss a minute more than I have to (work takes away so much of my precious time!). Both have found their voice and use it often (cooing and babbles are so darn cute!), both love their hands/thumbs, both love to give Mama lots of smiles, both love it when Mama comes home from work (constant nursing!) and both are sleeping through the night like champs for the past couple of days which makes Mama very happy indeed. It is amazing what I can do with a little sleep! I have had a lot of work-related work to get caught up on lately so my hope is once that is behind me I can start using this new-found after-the-twins-bedtime-time to sneak in some sewing and blogging.

We'll see, I guess. Maybe by telling you all that I will feel pressured to actually deliver.

Have a great one everyone! I've missed you!!!
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