Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.

[So & I dipping our feet in the pool]

This weekend was great.

It was the best.

I was able to come home a little early so I got to spend some extra time with the babies. Leap and So came over Friday evening for a visit and we had a great time playing with the babies and then sitting outside by the pool eating cheese and drinking cran-grape juice and getting caught up on girl talk. Mom stopped by too and we all had dinner together from a local Japanese restaruant. To top it all off, once the babes were tucked in, DH and I turned in early and ended up getting 9 hours of sleep!

Lazy Saturday morning in the bed playing with the twins. Then Mom came to visit and we went to the mall and out to dinner at Cracker Barrel with the babies so DH could get some work done for work. Good day indeed.

We were early risers today with Baby Boy waking at 5am to nurse. I decided to stay up once he was back to sleep and enjoyed a little alone time before getting ready for church. We attended the early service and the babies fell asleep on the way home. DH & I enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the back porch while they napped. Afterward, the babies happily played in their bouncers and watched mama clean up her office (it's still a work in progress). Auntie Leap, So and Mom stopped by for a visit this afternoon and all of us gals sat around the pool enjoying the 70 degree weather. After the afternoon nap, our little family headed to the grocery store to gather supplies for the upcoming week. After bath & bed time for the babies, DH & I sat down to a yummy dinner (DH made it!) of crab stuffed salmon, green beans and rice.

Now I think I'll go work on my knitting WIP.

I feel refreshed, relaxed and ready for the week ahead.
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Adrienne said...

Days like that are so nice to get your juices flowing again ... so wonderful that you got 3 of them in a row!!!!

Love the new look - nice and fresh.

Kathy said...

I have boy/girl twins as well that turned 2 on March 2. I miss those early days. They grow up way too fast.