Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

My birthday was this past week...the last one in my 20s! Yikes! So to celebrate the family gathered at my sister's house for a little celebration on the farm. It was a beautiful day (until the very end!) and we all had a wonderful time! My multitalented sister, Leap, (you've seen her photography work here) made my birthday cake complete with fresh picked berries - de-lish-ous!

My sister is all about homesteading. I am very impressed by all of this. It makes me wanna buy a farm. Fresh eggs, fresh picked berries, fresh produce, fresh air - I want it all!
Leap made steak, fresh green beans, potatoes, corn and fresh zucchini and basil bread for dinner. Mmmm.

After dinner, while we were eating cake, it began to rain. I mean it was a DOWNPOUR! The runoff from the hill behind her house flooded the road in front of her house - and I forgot to grab my camera to take a picture of it! It was crazy.

I got the cutest berry colander for my birthday...I'll have to photograph it and share it with you here. I love it.

This weekend was also super productive and relaxing at the same time. Since the babies have started sleeping better and going to bed easier, I have reclaimed some time for myself. Last night, DH and I cleaned up my sewing room so that I can get back in there and tinker around once the babes are asleep at night. We also have cleared out a lot of clutter and we are planning a huge yard sale for the beginning of August. We still have more clutter to clear from the office so that is on our list for the coming week. Tonight, after putting the babes to bed, DH and I had dinner outside by the pool and now I am sitting on the porch catching up on my blogs and blogging. is good.
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Anonymous said...

Life is good! Glad you had a great day to celebrate. Can't wait to see you start sewing!


Adrienne said...

Happy birthday!!! Sounds like a wonderful day - food and family - nothing better ;-)

rlbates said...

Happy Birthday to you!