Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm still here.

[a summer favorite - eating fresh cherries and sitting by the pool]

I know I have been absent a lot lately.

I hope you can understand.

Of course, you might want to consider yourselves blessed since if I had been posting about my daily happenings they would be pretty coma-inducing. Up until the last week or so my posts would have gone a little something like this:

I wake. Get ready for work. #1 Wakes. Diaper #1. Feed #1. #2 Wakes. Diaper #2. Feed #2. Diaper #1, again. Dress both #1&2. Wake husband. Huband gets ready for work while #1&2 watch Baby Einstein. Wrangle #1&2 into car seats for drive to Omi & Opi's for the day. Go to work. Work. Work. Work. Pick up #1&2 from grandparents. Drive home. Diaper & feed #1&2. Playtime. Diaper #2. Diaper #1. Diaper #2, again. More playtime. Bathtime. Massage time. Diaper & feed #1&2. Put #1&2 in cribs. Sigh. Chores time. Collapse into bed time. #2 wakes for 3am feeding. #1 wakes for 4:30am feeding. Repeat.

Since I have returned to work our house is a bustle of activity from the time we wake up until our heads hit the pillow. Little Mister and Little Miss are growing so fast and I am trying not to miss a minute more than I have to (work takes away so much of my precious time!). Both have found their voice and use it often (cooing and babbles are so darn cute!), both love their hands/thumbs, both love to give Mama lots of smiles, both love it when Mama comes home from work (constant nursing!) and both are sleeping through the night like champs for the past couple of days which makes Mama very happy indeed. It is amazing what I can do with a little sleep! I have had a lot of work-related work to get caught up on lately so my hope is once that is behind me I can start using this new-found after-the-twins-bedtime-time to sneak in some sewing and blogging.

We'll see, I guess. Maybe by telling you all that I will feel pressured to actually deliver.

Have a great one everyone! I've missed you!!!
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Courtney said...

"Maybe by telling you all that I will feel pressured to actually deliver."

but you've already delivered! haha, get it?! =)

glad to have you back!