Monday, November 3, 2008

If feet gross you out...don't read this post.

So my husband has a obsession.

If he has a pen/highlighter/any writing utensil he immediately reverts to a 5 year old school boy and has a sudden urge to make his mark. His favorite "thing" to mark with his graffiti - me! It is insane. Marks to the face, arm, whatever he can get before I shriek and struggle away. Tonight, while I was trying to read my favorite blogs this is what happened to my poor big toe.

(sorry for the grainy picture - taken with my blackberry [i heart you blackberry!] as we are staying at the in-laws for the week while our big bathroom remodel is taking place!)

Even though I hate does make me laugh. Love you husband!

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Adrienne said...

Too funny! Every guy I was ever interested had to pass the foot and hand test ... DH has the best feet and hands ;-) he he