Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crossing things off the to do list

This cake plate was one of my favorite bridal shower gifts. A couple of months ago when I pulled it out of the cupboard to use it the top came completely off of the pedestal. I was crushed. I sat it aside hoping I could salvage it later and piece it back together. Well, I finally found the time. Thanks to some E6000 my cake plate is like new again.

I also have had "try freehand quilting" on my to-do list for awhile. I decided to make a little thank you for my mother-in-law for having us at their house during the remodel. I whipped up these cute little hot pads/trivets and gave the freehand quilting a whirl. It was fun...must do this again. Though I couldn't imagine doing this on an entire quilt...I guess I'm a small projects kind of girl at heart.

I also made a set of 4 quilted coasters for my sister as a thank you for taking my belly pictures over this past weekend. They all have pieced tops and linen backings. Love how they turned out. Plus, I got to use my walking foot! I tied them up with a little antique lace in a lime-y green, attached a thank you and they were all ready to go! Hope they like their gifts cause I really appreciate them both so much!!!

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Adrienne said...

Love the projects! I'm still afraid of freehand quilting ... maybe on something small. Glad you fixed your plate - I hate when things like that happen.

momof3girls said...

These are beautiful gifts! I love small projects too-instant gratification! LOL! Congrats on your twins. Love your blog.