Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quilt #2 Finished (this one is not for either of the babes)

I actually sewed this quilt top at about this time last year...then I got the bright idea that I would hand tie the quilt. So I did. And I didn't like the result. So then I ripped it all out and decided I could try to machine quilt it myself. So I did (part of it). And I didn't like the result. So a couple of weeks ago I sat down on a Friday night and ripped all of that out. Then the next day I took it to my long arm quilter. Love the result. While we were out of the house for the great bathroom remodel (staying at the in-laws) I hand-sewed the binding on. After pulling it out of the wash/dryer I was smitten. I love it.

So simple. But the medium stipple stitching with the rows of multiple different moda fabrics (from a jelly roll) with a simple cream/tan damask border is quite striking in person. The photos really do not do this quilt justice.

There is something so satisfying about completing a quilt.
Happy Anniversary Sis! Hope you had a great one!
Tomorrow is the big day...check back here for the gender announcement of my twins!
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It's just beautiful! Can't wait for the big announcement ...