Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't you love it when... have had a really long day taking an exam (yes, I had to sit for 8 hours and take a standardized test in all my pregnant glory - hence my absence this week due to studying - ANYWAY...) and you come home to a big Priority Mail box stuffed with goodies like this????

Needless to say, I was more than excited. It was like Christmas in January at my house this evening!

Fellow pregnant blogger Stefanie of Artsy Momma sent me this care package full of goodies. She is 38 weeks this week yet found the time to put together this package for me! She is just too sweet! I cannot wait to get started with all of this stuff. I already have lots of projects lined out in my mind.

Wanna hear more about the goodies in my box from Stefanie???

ADORABLE his and her matching hat and booties sets and some super cute iron ons...I can't wait to put this on some little onesies. It will make an adorable complete outfit for each of them!

Yarn! Yarn! Yarn! All super soft! Can't wait to use it all! Also included in the box but not pictured are a couple skeins of Cotton Ease in a lovely taupe and blue...those are already being wound on the yarn winder...I didn't even wait long enough to take a picture of them before I started using them!
All supplies necessary for hand embroidery! 72 colors of embroidery thread, oh my! I'm in heaven. DH is going to have to wash some onesies because this super cute pattern will make some adorable baby clothes!

Also, I have been meaning to photograph and share my other bed rest gift from bloggy friend Jennifer of JCasa Handmade (if you haven't seen her must go check out her handy work. Bee-u-tee-ful!). She sent me this skein of lovely 100% merino wool vesper sock yarn and a pattern for footies she has recently made/posted on her blog.

Since seeing her footies I have been obsessed with wanting to knit socks. I have purchased 2 books on knitting socks as well as 2 general knitting books. I have been practicing and practicing with my ultimate goal being to gain the skills necessary to knit these socks! I cannot wait to use this yarn...I'm getting a lot closer to feeling confident enough to give it a try!

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Since my announcement about my bed rest (which was posted while I was actually an inpatient at the hospital- thank goodness for wireless patient internet!) I have received nothing but well wishes and support from all of you, my blog-y friends. I never realized how much starting this blog would enrich my life...I know it sounds corny...but you all are awesome. You have become my "friends" though we have never met...your comments make my day and I have appreciated all of your kind thoughts and prayers throughout all of this. I cannot say thank you enough!


Kathi D said...

What a great box of goodies!

Adrienne said...

I'm drooling over here! What great goodies ~ that should definitly keep you occupied for some time for sure ;-)

radioactive girl said...

What great yarn and what an amazing thing to keep you occupied!

I just made a blanket out of that thick and quick red yarn. It is freezing cold here and I use the blanket every single night when I knit or read after the kids go to bed.

And I know what you mean about blog friends. It is amazing (and very surprising to me) how quickly I made such great friends that I had never even met.