Thursday, January 8, 2009

Multiple Bles8ings: A Review

A very sweet friend dropped off dinner & dessert on Tuesday night to give my poor DH a night off from kitchen duty. She also dropped off this book - Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets by Jon & Kate Gosselin (you know...of the TLC show Jon & Kate plus 8...which I must admit I have never seen a single episode). She said she had read it in just 3 days and loved it and knew that I would love it too. It seems I am always reading; however, it is not so common that I read books for pleasure. After devouring her delicious dinner that evening, I sat down in the recliner and thought I would just read a few pages. Well...a couple hours later and I was half way through the book. Last night, I repeated the routine. We finished up the left overs of her delicious meal and then I settled in and finished the book.

The verdict: It was great. The book of course tells the Gosselin's story...but she also adds in her spiritual thoughts that helped to get her through having 8 children in 4 years time. She talks about how God blessed her with all of her children after struggling with infertility and then describes the faith it took to get through the struggling times after their birth. Overall, the book really made me think about how God has blessed my life - I have the most amazing husband, a wonderful and loving family, a cozy home, two little blessings on the way, a stable job. God has always provided for me...He has lead me through tough times...He gives me the strength sometimes just to get through the day...He is the rock that I lean on. There are so many things to be thankful for.

The back jacket of the book sums it up perfectly: "This amazing story of faith provides a heartening lesson in what it means to trust the faithful hand of God to provide the strength and courage to make it through life's seemingly impossible situations."

Definitely worth your time to read (it is a fast read). to add season 1 of Jon & Kate plus 8 to my Netflix Queue!

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Goddess in Progress said...

Might as well start watching now... of all the weird twin comments you'll get (and there will be a LOT), one of the strangest and most common is:

"Do you watch that show? You know, the one with all the kids?"

Yes, yes I do. Hated it at first. Then understood and appreciated it. Now am a little tired of all the freebies and product placements, but oh well.

Kiley said...

I've been watching this show since it started and I am obsessed. My coworkers get sick of hearing me talk about Aaden and Hannah, as they are my favorites to watch.

radioactive girl said...

I have only watched the show a few times but my daughter loves watching it. I love your attitude about God's blessings. That is how I feel, incredibly lucky to have the life I have. It isn't perfect, there are things I'd change if I could (mainly my health recently) but for the most part I am just incredibly blessed.

Maybe watching the show will get you ready for all the silly things people will say when you first go out in public with your babies. I heard some crazy ones. I have boy/girl and one woman asked me if they were both boys. When I told her one was a boy and one was a girl, she then asked if they were identical. I was polite but couldn't believe she asked that. She was not the only one who asked me that! And then of course all the questions about how you conceived them...because that is polite to ask a stranger...NOT!

Adrienne said...

I've seen a few of those episodes ... it wore me out! I'll have to add that book to my list ~ children truely are blessings even if they want to make us pull our hair out ... and I guess for her having 8 hair pulling moments would be frequent. I'm glad she is such a public figure and able to share her faith. Maybe she and her family will be able to make a difference in someones lives.