Friday, January 16, 2009

So pleased.

(photo from JCPenny)
The bedding for the nursery arrived! I was so incredibly pleased with the quality of this bedding set. Plus, it is even more beautiful in person! I have been struggling with the baby bedding situation for quite some time. I didn't know if I wanted to have their cribs outfitted in coordinating but not exactly the same sets (like chocolate and brown polka dots for him and chocolate and pink for her) or if I wanted something neutral. Ultimately, I decided I wanted to use the colors chocolate, khaki and sage - nice and neutral for both. I searched high and low and could not find a set I liked.
Then, I found this one at Pottery Barn. I loved it. I wanted it. However, I could not justify spending $592 (not counting shipping) for 2 sets of the bedding. I just couldn't spend that much.
Then, thanks to some help from my sister I found the above set at It is very similar and I ended up getting 2 sets of the bedding and 2 valences for half the price! ($300 with a coupon) It is a super soft, 100% cotton and the stitching detail is excellent.
Very pleased indeed.
I can't wait until our nursery furniture arrives. I think this will look beautiful against the fruitwood stained oak. Plus, there are so many possibilities to add the colors I want (in additional quilts as wall hangings, art, different crib sheets, etc). I love it.


Shannon said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the dots, too. And it looks bleachable, haha.

Adrienne said...

I remember when I found just the right bedding after searching forever. It's such a great feeling. It is beautiful! Love the washcloth too ~ much better than my attempt that is for sure! ;-)

xoelle said...

so so pretty!