Friday, October 3, 2008

New Gadgets.

So...I'm vamping up my blog.

Thanks to a recent post by Jessica at How About Orange, I have been inspired to do a little work to make my blog a little more fun.

Take a look over there on my sidebar --->
1. Added a search box. Now you can easily find that post that lists my recipe for that yummy Lemon-y Tuna Salad.
2. Followers. Come on. Sign up. I would love to know who follows my blog!
3. My Blog List. In case you ever wondered what I am reading an who I tend to follow.
4. And my new fave...
This is so cool. Now I can add little snippets that don't necessarily warrant a full post. I can update via the web or on the go via my cell. You can even follow my twitter-ings!

What do ya think?

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