Thursday, October 2, 2008

Exposing myself.

Remember that post by Jade about exposing yourself?
Well...I signed up for the challenge and procrastinated (story of my life?). Finally, I just took the plunge and started with my hall closet. I almost can't believe I am showing this picture (embarrassing!).
Entry Hall Closet Before

I sorted and sorted. In the end I got rid of a garbage bag full of shoes (gasp!...but remember I have to make room for these babies!) and 10+ coats. I added a new mesh shoe organizer to the door (the old plastic one had several pockets ripping) to help organize scarves, hats, gloves, umbrellas and flip flops.

I purchased a revolving shoe stand for DH's shoes (which are always too big to fit on a shoe organizer or in the shoe pockets) and arranged our coats.

Now we are all ready for cooler weather with jackets and gloves/scarves/hats easy to find.
My next "expose yourself" project should be my office but I am just too embarrassed to post those before pictures!
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Adrienne said...

Ooohh - I like the shoe organizer for the scarves. We have a basket that ends up overflowing and spilled on the floor. Off to walmart ;0)

Jade said...

Oh I need a shoe organizer too. My master closet looks a bit like that one. Shamed... Nice work!!!