Monday, October 20, 2008

It's all about the shoe

Soon, DH & I will be packing our bags for our annual fall weekend retreat at a posh resort across the state. It really is one of my favorite times of the year. We get all dressed up, have fancy-shmancy dinners, get to sleep in a soft-as-can-be feather bed and I get to spend all day at the spa on Saturday. DH's favorite part is that the cottages we stay in have honest-to-goodness fireplaces that he can build an honest-to-goodness fire in. It is a nice and relaxing weekend. Every year, one of my favorite indulgences before we go on this little trip is that I get to purchase a new pair of wild/fancy shoes. My dress choices are kinda limited this year due to my pregnancy. I'm just a little to big to look good in my formal dresses I have on hand and a little too small for maternity dresses to look cute. So this was all about the shoes to make my sorta simple black dress look fantastic. So, I picked these Carlos Santana shoes...affordable, super cute and can go with many dresses/outfits in the future. Very sensible...well except for that heel. :)To keep these little beauties safe in my luggage, I decided I needed a proper shoe bag. Perfect pattern found in Simple Sewing with a French Twist. I love this pattern...super easy to understand and super fast to come together.

Plus side to this little could be so adaptable...make it a little smaller for a great cosmetics pouch or coin pouch. Line it with iron on vinyl and it would be perfect for toting that wet swimsuit around during the summer. Make it a little bigger and it would be the perfect bag to put your dirty laundry in while on vacation so when your re-pack your bag to come home all of that laundry is in one I know what my next sewing project is for this week!
After visiting that Carlos site to find a picture of the shoes I purchased at macys, I found these lovelies. I have a chocolate brown dress that these would look fab with. DH, can I have these too...pretty please???

Edit: Well...after searching the internet high and low the lovely Roulette Brown Leopard Carlos shoes are not available ANYWHERE in my size. Bummer. If anyone happens upon this shoe in a size 7 please let me know! Now, I feel like a crazy woman and want it that much more! :)


Adrienne said...

OMGosh - love those shoes! I think I would break my neck now though. Back in the day I could sport some heels ... now ... doubtful!

I have that bag on my Christmas-to-sew list. It's so cute. Glad to hear it was easy ... I need that!

rlbates said...

Hey, you're having twins, so maybe you could have two pairs of shoes this year. Enjoy those heels while you can. :)

Kathi D said...

Wow, those are cute shoes! Both pairs. And yes, I think you "need" both.

I have decided to become the weirdo in sneakers on all occasions. I have beaded Converse Chuck Taylors, and brocade ones, and gold ones, and hand-painted ones. But I still cherish a few pairs of super-cute pumps that would kill me to have to walk or stand in!

Michael Caroff said...

You chose Believe 2 Mary Janes from the Carlos by Carlos Santana line. Good pick! You have great taste.