Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thanks / Macro Catch Up

Thanks to all who participated in my giveaway and promoted it on their blogs - many, many thanks! After accounting for all of the bonus entries there were quite a few comment slips that filled up my fishbowl. I'll be posting the winner tomorrow!

Today's post will be dedicated to macro catch up...I can't get enough of all of the spring flowers!
Enjoy the pictures!


SnapATang said...

Hi Stitching Surgeon. I love these floral pictures, it really caught my eyes. Is your cat a Siamese? May I add your blog to one of my favorites? Thank you!

Adrienne said...

beautiful pictures! happy day

Jennifer said...

Your cat is gorgeous.
The flower pictures are lovely. I'm a bit addicted to taking photos of flowers with my macro lens too!