Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Perfect Band

Finally! After many many tries...I got it! The perfect headband. I really love headbands - especially now that I have little strands of hair I am trying to grow out - with ponytails. They are cute and functional. However, I have not been successful in finding one that was comfortable (didn't give me a headache from being too tight) and did not slide off my head as the day progressed. So what's a sewer to do? Make one! After many trials (Bend the Rules Heidi headband and other online tutorials) I decided just to try it on the fly...and it is perfect. I'm in love with my new headband. Hopefully, I can re-create it.
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Adrienne said...

Oh! I'm so with you on the headband drama - I just finally gave up (and cut all my hair off too!)