Thursday, June 19, 2008


Just when I was starting to get really creative this evening, this thing...

did this...

My poor pinky.

Didn't DH do a great job playing doctor and bandaging my wound???

The problem: what am I going to do for work tomorrow???

The solution: My friend Tegaderm. :)

But really, I gotta be more careful with this thing.

So what was I working on? Well, I need a new tote for summer.

I want a simple, cute tote. I've had this quilt block that my sister gave me (I think she made it...or maybe my grandma did - Leap, which is it???) and I have been trying to think of a project to use it in. Well, I decided to raid my stash and I found this cute white & red polka dot fabric. Perfect. I love the way it looks with the quilt block. Pair in some linen and I'm good to go. I'll work on it some more tomorrow...after my poor pinky has some time to recover.
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cookie said...

looks painful!!
hope you heal soon.
the red look fab,cant wait to see what you do with it..

Adrienne said...

OWCH! We must be related ... I am always inflicting random pain upon myself. Whether it be from tripping over thin air or sharp objects. I'm dangerous!

The soon to be tote combo is great - I love red.

Jade said...

Ouch! The Stitching Surgeon was injured. That's my biggest fear!!! Hope it heals quick!

kate i design said...

EEK! that's my worst fear lived out. i'm glad you are okay though - i hope it gets better fast. makes me think twice about throwing a fit when i get stuck by a needle... :)

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my.