Monday, June 9, 2008

How I spent my weekend off.

advance warning: this post is very picture heavy :)
My weekend off went a little something like this...
I spent a lot of time on this raft in this water.
Temps in the upper 90s + super humidity = HOT!

I also spent a lot of time playing with the sport feature of my camera.
See DH dive.
(sounds like a Dick & Jane book huh?)

We also spent a lot of time with family. Our nephew was in town visiting his grandparents (DH's parents) and had no front teeth...too cute...had to share this picture.

I also got to go to some yard sales with my sister (pictures of finds to come later this week) and we had a cookout and marshmallow roast on her farm.

And we had Smores! Yum!

My niece, Soso, and my nephew had the best time playing together riding power wheels, roasting marshmallows, playing with bubbles and helping feed the animals on the farm. The below is a cute video of Soso telling me the names of her goats.

We also made a new addition to our family. Welcome our new Bose portable docking station. This little thing is fantastic. It is everything we love about the one we already own (great sound quality, great volume range, easy to use, charges your ipod while it is playing) PLUS it doesn't have to be plugged in AND the rechargable battery lasts quite a long time (we had it playing continuously outside for about 4 hours!). With this little addition we end the struggle to find outdoor speakers that will work with our we can take it anywhere. We already have big plans for this little contraption - tailgates, the beach, any trip where we will be staying in a hotel room and, of course, our backyard. And in the in-between portable uses guess where it is going to find a home - yep, my sewing studio...sweet.

It was a great weekend. Hope you all had a great one!


Adrienne said...

ahhh... that pool looks great. It was soooo hot! I'm gonna have to tell DH about the Bose ... or maybe not! he he

kate i design said...

i love your weekend and wish i could have one of my own soon :)