Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The food group.

This is my favorite meal: pinto beans & cornbread. Put it this way...I will miss any lunch in our department from any catering company or restaurant in town when the hospital cafeteria has pinto beans & cornbread day. That is how much I love this meal. I have been participating in The Food Group flickr photoshare and I have noticed we are not far into June and already I am repeating this meal. Can't help it...I'm sure it will pop up again before the end of June.

Look at these cuties! I just couldn't resist this set of salt & pepper shakers when I was out with my sister this past weekend. But there is a problem...I got them home and realized they don't match anything in my kitchen! Bummer... Plus, I realized I have waaayy to many sets of salt and pepper shakers already! Off to the etsy shop they go...please help me find a good home for them (and another cute retro pair that I have decided to part with).
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Kathi D said...

Love your new look!

And pinto beans and cornbread is one of my all-time favorite meals, too. My mother always had a big pot of pinto beans going, and she made the best cornbread ever. Hers was "Arkansas style" cornbread, which meant, in her case anyway, it was made with white cornmeal and was not sweet at all, nor cakelike. The crust would be very well done, and was perfect for dipping into the bean broth. (Now I am craving pinto beans and cornbread.)

Adrienne said...

delish!!!! My parents are yankees so I didn't get to know cornbread until late in life ... yum yum.

Forgot to mention how I LOVED the pic of your nephew and the sweet sweet video of your niece - just full of cuteness!