Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tagged (a different one) and such

My sister & I recently went to see MercyMe in concert. It was awesome! We had GREAT seats and it was a GREAT show! Love the new CD...which was only $5 at the concert!

Adrienne tagged case you all were wondering about the mystery behind my blog...

Why I started my blog...
When my grandmother passed away, I inherited her Kenmore machine. My grandma taught me how to sew when I was about 9 years old (or maybe I was younger...) and I did it off & on when I would be at her house while I was growing up. My whole family really is a bunch of crafters so I have always been involved with crafty things...but during college & med school I never had time to get very involved with crafting. When my grandmother's machine was moved into my house I couldn't resist the urge to tinker around with it. I would stay up late (even though I had to be up at 5am for work) trying to figure out patterns and stitches. Finally, all the basics my grandma had taught me came flooding back and I've been addicted since. I recently outgrew my grandmothers machine (I realized it was making it very difficult to do things I wanted to do) so I purchased a new machine. With my new machine I began searching the Internet for new patterns/sewing ideas. That is when I found all of these beautiful blogs. I knew after reading them I had to participate because it involved so many of the things I love...the Internet, sewing, photography...and I felt a great sense of encouragement from this community of people who are a lot like me!

How I came up with the name of my blog...
It combines the two things that I love and those things which define me most...sewing and name just describes me...the Stitching Surgeon. There aren't too many jobs where you can sew (suture) at work!

Do my friends and family know about my blog? What do they think of it?
My friends don't know...they don't understand my insane love of sewing anyway and would probably be bored with all of this stuff. My family does know. My sister reads my blog and my husband does too (and they like it...I think)!

How do I write my posts...
I don't really have a certain way I write my posts. I usually just write about whatever inspires me that day.

Ever had a troll or had to delete unkind comments...
Nope. Everyone who reads my blog is really nice and complimentary (am I jinxing myself???)

Do I check my stats? Do I care who/how many read my blog? Do I try to increase traffic?
Nope. I do love to know that people are actually reading my blog I love to read your comments!

What I like and dislike about blogging...
I like being able to share my photos and my projects. I really like hearing from all of the people who read my blog and enjoy even more visiting their blogs and being inspired by all of the their talent. I can't really think of any dislikes...otherwise, why would I be doing this?

So...tag completed.

Hope this didn't bore you to death!

As for who I am going to tag...well I don't want anyone to feel obligated or left if you read my blog and want to be tagged and answer these questions on your blog...well consider yourself tagged by me!
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Adrienne said...

I'm so glad you participated. I just these kind of tags - you 'get to know' people a little bit better. Love you bedside remote holder - I'm sure your DH is very happy!

Sarah M said...

I LOVE MercyMe!