Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bedside pocket

DH loves his new bedside pocket! It was a necessity for him since his side of the bed is against the wall (no nightstand!) and he must have a place for his books and the all important remote. The inspiration was from In Stitches and Simple Sewing (a pattern can be found in both books); however, I was feeling quite impatient so I just looked at their pictures and made up my own pattern as I went (some days you just don't want to read a pattern or follow directions)! The shamrock fabric was chosen for my DH's love of Notre Dame, not because it was finished on St. Patrick's Day...though what a coincidence! The bottom picture is what it looks like on the bed when the bed is made (our sleigh bed does not look good with a dust ruffle).

Next sewing project...perhaps a Black Apple Doll?
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kathi d said...

I really need to make these for both sides of our bed. We have bedside tables, but they are too small to contain all our junk, since we always have reading material, iPods, etc.