Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is what bed rest will do to ya...

Sorry for the absence. My doctor had me stay on bed rest this past weekend after a test which can help predict preterm labor came back positive. All is well now though...except my husband says I didn't get a "Get out of jail free" card with the recent good news that I in fact do not have to remain on bed rest. So, I am heeding the advice I often (daily) give patients and I am learning how to take it easy. No more trips to the mall before my 14 hour night shift or cleaning the entire house top to bottom during the weekend for me. Nope. Now, I am confined to the couch or bed on my hours/days off work. And let me tell ya...after only having to be on bed rest for a weekend (3 days) it is no easy job. It is serious hard work. I now have an enormous amount of respect for those patients that I have seen spend 6 - 8 or more weeks on bed rest! Again, this is why I am taking it easy now...so I don't have to do that!

So what is a girl to do during all that time on the couch/bed...knit. Knifty Knit to be exact. I've made this cowl you see above, baby hats, a baby blanket for baby boy (I'm working on baby girl's), washcloths and I still have plans for many other things to make. I will take more pictures soon and show you all those projects. I have big plans to make a hat to match this cowl. I can't wait. I love this Knifty Knitting stuff.

This past Sunday we celebrated "Happy Viability Day!" with some ice cream cake. 24 weeks! Whoo-hoo! Sorry about the bad picture...taken with the BlackBerry...I was at work when DH brought the cake so we could celebrate and I never have a good camera there!

Please remember to keep me and my babes in your prayers and thoughts! We always need 'em!
Have a great day everyone!

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rlbates said...

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Stacey said...

Ouch..bedrest! But it keeps those babies safe...thats what you have to keep telling yourself!

I love ice cream cake....lucky ducky!

Sarah S said...

Aren't we medical people just the worst patients? Look how productive you've been in that bed already! Congrats on passing the 24 week mark....now just stay put, little ones. :)

Adrienne said...

Oh boy ... you stay off those feet! Glad that your little bed rest seemed to do the trick and you were productive! I love the cowl. I have scouring the internet trying to find a free and easy crochet pattern for one.

BTW ... I don't think you can ever have a bad picture of a cake ;-)

radioactive girl said...

I was on bedrest with two of my pregnancies. Both of them went on to be scheduled c-sections (for various reasons the first was twisted up in her cord with her cord under her, and the second was twins with one twin all twisted up in his cord too...just saying that I did not indeed end up having preterm babies). My last pregnancy was entirely normal, and he ended up being the only baby of mine that needed to go to the NICU. He is totally fine now.

I will keep you in my thoughts. I wish I had learned how to knit when I was on bedrest! I didn't learn until I was recovering from surgery after cancer.