Monday, December 22, 2008

My first full day of bed rest at home

Well, it is officially first full day at home on bed rest. I have the best husband in the world (REALLY!) and an awesome family and I wouldn't be able to do this without them.

My day was spent in my bed (of course) with a couple hours here and there in the recliner in the living room (for change of scenery and to interact with others). DH brought down a little set of plastic organizer bins from our office to sit near my bed so I could neatly arrange my projects and to-do's. My sister Leap and niece So came to visit and brought some plastic bed table / lap trays they picked up at Michaels along with stickers and rub-ons to decorate them. We spent a couple hours this afternoon decorating our bed tables and Leap took them home to put a clear coating on top to protect our sticker work. I can't wait to get my table back now :) So also brought a calendar for me to mark off the days (to prove to myself I am making progress daily and working toward the best goal of all - healthy babies!) which they picked up at Michaels. It has a space where every month you can draw your own picture for the month and she made an awesome little picture with some stickers for January. Every time I look at it it makes me smile. I loved being able to spend time with the both of them this afternoon.

My parents stopped by for a visit too...that has been the best part so far of all this bed rest stuff...I love seeing my family and normally with my work schedule it is hard to do that.

I'm so in the Christmas movie mode. Watched Home Alone (a favorite) this afternoon while loom knitting and then watched Fred Claus this evening (it was so-so). Saving the best movie of all time (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, of course!) for Christmas Day!

DH is still trying to find the software for my camera so I can install it on the laptop to be able to add some pictures to posts. Maybe tomorrow.

Best of all...I'm 25 weeks! Whoo-hoo!!!


radioactive girl said...

You should save that calendar if you make any notes on it about your days. I had one and my twins, now almost 9, love to look at it, read it and try to imagine what it was like for me when they were inside of me.

Shannon said...

Stay safe in bed!!! I have a 28-weeker and 33-weeker, though not twins. Special babes but yours can stay put awhile longer! Good luck!

Delaney's Duds said...

good luck! I wish you and your babies the best, and good thing you are a crafty lady to keep you occupied!
Karrie (due tomorrow)