Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A (Half of a) Project Completed

When I saw this pattern in S.E.W. I could not wait to make it for my niece. EVERYTHING in her world right now comes in a pair, "a mama, a bebe" as she likes to say. So this pair of elephants, a mommy & baby, I knew would make the perfect gift for her. I tried to get to this before Christmas but ran out of time...so, I am starting early and my plan is to gift this for Valentine's Day (because both DH and So are my sweethearts!). Pictured is the baby elephant which really whipped up quite fast considering it was my first ever stuffed animal. Can't wait to get the mommy elephant finished...I'll post the pair when the project is really completed.
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Adrienne said...

ok - that is too cute. was the pattern in the SEW book?

StichingSurgeon said...

The pattern is in the SEW book...and they are really nice patterns too (you know, the tissue paper kind like McCalls)! The directions are easy to follow and she has some nice general sewing tips in the beginning of the book (i.e. I never knew the correct way to cut out a pattern until i read this book!). The book has some really cute things in it...especially this one adorable cape (adult, not superhero) that I have been itching to make...but it isn't a book where I am dying to make everything in it. I'm kinda intimidated though because I haven't made clothes yet. Overall, great book and would recommend it - just flip through it first to make sure the number of items you would want to make justify the cost.

Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your elephant is cute! When I was little I had a mama and a baby elephant too.