Monday, May 12, 2008


I need some motivation.
I need some deadlines.

At work (and life in general), I seem to be more productive when I have a deadline. While I like my hobbies (sewing, photography, blogging) to be an outlet or stress relief, lately I have been slacking on my sewing (perhaps because of the nice weather, vacation, whatever excuse). So, I thought I would push myself back to my creative side.

Thank goodness there are several sew-alongs which have sparked my interest this month. I have wanted to make my own clothes for a while now (thanks Adrienne for May(d) by Me!) and the Miss Emmeline Apron (this pattern looks it hard???) has been high on my to-sew list since I pre-ordered the pattern (thanks Kris for the Emmeline sew-along).
MAYbe in MAY I'll get two big goals accomplished thanks to my May 31 deadline.
A side note: ALL APRONS are on SALE in the shop (some discounted quite a bit)!


Dana said...

Your aprons are adorable! I absolutely love them. :)

kate i design said...

omg - i am totally in the same boat as you!!

Adrienne said...

I've made the E apron - not too bad. You can do it ... I've seen some of the stuff you've made - go for it!

alamodestuff said...

I just marked that pattern as a favorite as well. You'll have to post about your progress with it.

Off to see your shop.