Thursday, May 8, 2008

Goodies from Adrienne!

It all started with this button:

By the way, if you have heard of this yet click on the image and participate! My blogging friend Adrienne of a blog I read daily Some of a Kind is hosting a flickr group as we all declare to make May a May(d) for Me month! Anyway, I attempted to make a button for Adrienne (the above) and in return she sent me this:

What a cute bag!
An appliqued hankie! Hand stitched! Tooooooo cute! I heart it so much.
And that handmade smells so yummy I almost want to eat it (don't worry...I won't). I'm using that tonight! I used to have this bad habit of "saving" things like this (things I love) but I have since decided I need to enjoy life more so I'm not wasting a minute waiting to use this yummy soap. I love it!
Adrienne, did you know I collect vintage hankies? (I can't recall ever blogging about that...) I have to make room on my little ladder (or find a very prominent place of display) to enjoy this lovely little hankie everyday!
Thanks Adrienne!
I'm so thankful for all my blogger friends! Your comments make my day!
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Adrienne said...

I love your linen stash! I was just trying to figure out what I was going to do with the linens that I don't want grubby (sweet) little hand all over. What a great idea to display them that way! I'm so glad I helped brighten your day!