Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crazy cat

I know this is probably not the picture you are wanting to see here. I'm sure everyone is checking in to see if I have posted pictures of the twins! Quite honestly, I don't know how I feel about that yet. Seeing as how I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of myself or even associating my real name with this space (for some reason I feel I can speak/post more freely without "fear" of my colleagues/friends reading...silly as it may be I like the anonymity) I cannot see how I will get to the point where I will feel comfortable to post pictures of my adorable children's faces or use their names here. Don't get me wrong...I would love to share them with all of you who visit my space often, those I consider my bloggy friends...it's the weirdos out there I worry about. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this! Do you post pictures of your kids???

Anyway...an explanation of the photo...Chloe is obsessed with the bird feeder. She sits on the back of the loveseat stalking the birds morning, noon and night. She is sitting there first thing in the morning waiting for me to open the blinds and is often still sitting there at night when I close them. She leaves only for food or a bathroom break...and the occasional dash out of the room when one of the twins screams out :) Quite comical.

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Cathy said...

To answer your question about posting family pictures of kids. I'm a parent, and a grandparent, and the answer is no I don't post pics of the kids. I would love to post some of my grand kids but my DIL does not want them on the internet. One exception is she allowed me to post two pics of my 2 yo grandson but only for a few days and then I took it down.

I have recently posted some pics of my parents and grandparents who are all now deceased for many years. I don't think they would mind.

I would love to see your baby twins but I also respect your right to not share them. It is a personal decision.

willywagtail said...

My children's school always warned about the danger of posting anything personal, especially the faces of young children. Later it changed to a sking whether we permit this or not. You become public property when you post on the net. Even celebrities choose not to have their children's faces plastered around - that does not indicat a lack of love for their children but a desire to protect them from harm. I use my daughter as a model but don't show here full face despite the fact that I beleive she is beautiful and it would be nice for her to receive lots of compliments. Sorry I have raved on a bit. Cherrie

radioactive girl said...

I usually compromise on posting pictures of my kids. I post things that are from the side where their face isn't showing but I only 2 times ever posted full pictures. Once I posted and then took it down a few days later and then the second one is my very favorite picture ever of my son kissing me. That one is still up but it is from the side of him. I'm hoping no one can really tell what he looks like from it.

I'd love to see pictures or know your babies names if you feel comfortable sharing!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I never post my kids names, or try to remember not to. Nor my Hubby's. It's my blog, not theirs. In other words, they haven't given me their permission.

When it comes to pictures, I generally don't post full faces. I have done it a few times, but not as a general rule.

The important thing is to do what you are comfortable with. As mama lion now you will know the right thing to do.

Adrienne said...

You just need to do what is best for you and what you are comfortable with. I hesitated in posting pics of my boys and using their names but since I don't use my hubbies name, where we live, or our last name I made the decision to share. This is your space and you need to be happy here!