Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where have I been???

Ok...geez...last post Aug. 30. Really? I'm ashamed.
So, my life has been crazy busy and I have something really, I mean REALLY, exciting to share with you all. However, it requires some scanning of some photos that just hasn't been done yet. Soon, promise. I am dying to tell. I need to talk about it.
It is my goal to get back into the swing of my normal life. Soon. Now.

As for what I have been family and I went to Amish Country this past weekend. It was fantastically relaxing. Ugh...too bad I have to go back to work this week, be on call this weekend and then start a month of night shifts next month (yes, the whole month). Ugh. Can't think about that now.
Lots to do this week...I'm going to make a public list here. Then each day (hold me to it you guys!) I must post about how I have completed one item on this list. If I don't, leave a comment and call me out on it! I have until next Sunday to complete this list.

The List

1. Fall decorating around the house.
2. Make curtains for my cousin Jo.
3. Embroider something with my new machine.
4. Clean my upstairs office and sewing room - get rid of stuff!!! ( sale???)
5. Complete backing for 2 separate quilts and take them to quilter.

Ok...that seems ambitious enough. More tomorrow...

1 comment:

T. said...

You've inspired me to update my to-do list on this rainy Saturday...

Stumbled upon your blog by looking to see who else might have Tuck Everlasting as a favorite book on his/her profile. I was thrilled to find a fellow O.R.-dweller in the mix! :)